Welcome to MacGates.

>> What is MacGates?
MacGates is a service to help you to build your own Gate.

>> What makes MacGates so unique?
We give you a detailed building plan - based on the details (e.g. height, width, etc.) of the Gate you want to build. MacGates is designed to calculate every single item of your Gate for you.

>> Is it for me?
If you want to build your own gate, but you don't know the length of all the items that you want to use then you are here at the right place.

>> How does it work?
Simply click on the gate that you would like to build (e.g. here), enter some key data like 'width', 'height', etc. and we calculate all items, that are relevant for you to build your own Gate.

>> And then?
We will present you immediately a building plan with all the details you need to know to build your own Gate.

That includes:
- Material
- Length of each Element
- The correct cutting angle for certain Elements
- The entire weight of your Gate
- Building Instructions

>> Can I have a look first?
Of course. Have a look at this Example .